1st DMV Range Meetup

  • 22 Aug 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • The Cove, Gore VA
  • 7


  • This is a pass-through of the entrance and range fees.
  • This is a pass-through of the entrance and range fees that cover the short range only.

Registration is closed

I am pleased to announce the first DMV meetup. I have coordinated with The Cove to get access to both of their outdoor ranges.  I have opened the registration to 20 people with a waiting list.  If we hit 20 respondents, we will open it up to more. 

The entire registration fee goes to cover your entrance and range fee. 

What I know now: 

  • We will have access two ranges (80/100 yards and 500 yards).  On the 80/100 yard range, we will have our own portion if we have fewer than 20 people and will spill over to the main range if we get over 20 attendees. 
  • Although we will not be able to reserve space, we should have enough space at each of the ranges.
  • The ranges are up a dirt track.  You may have issues getting a sports car or similar to the parking lot at either range.  Those of us who have vehicles that can get up the trail can help get you to the range from the parking lot at the office. 
  • There is water at the office but not at either of the ranges.  Bring at least 1 water bottle. Its very important to stay hydrated. 
  • We will have access to a picnic pavilion.
  • Due to the present situation with COVID-19:
    • Please bring your own food.
    • You will need to bring and wear a mask.  The range does not require it but we do. 
    • We will have hand sanitizer on site.
  • Bring rifles, pistols and shotguns.  If its legal in VA and safe to shoot, bring it!
  • Bring your own ammunition, no ammunition is sold on site. 
  • Guests are welcome, up to 2 per member.  They will need to sign the LGC event waiver.  
  • All participants will need to sign The Cove's Range Waver when they get on site. 

The Coves' Web Site:  http://www.covecampground.com/index.htm

We will be organizing on the LGC Discord Server and LGC Forum.  Since this is the 1st time we are doing this, please let me know if you want to volunteer.
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