LGC Intuitive Defensive Shooting – Handgun & Carbine – 1 or 2 day class

  • 15 Aug 2020
  • 8:30 AM
  • 16 Aug 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • California Tactical Academy 6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru, CA 93040
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The LGC Lead Instructor, Alessandro Padovani will be putting on a combination Handgun and Carbine class on August 15th and 16th From 8.30 to 17.00

This event will occur during and parts will be live streamed to the LGC Virtual National Meeting!

Masks are required and social distancing will be followed during this class.

IMPORTANT: You can sign up for just the pistol class or both the rifle and pistol class. The pistol class is on day one, the rifle and pistol class is both days.

Intuitive Defensive Shooting – Handgun
This course is not designed to make you the best shooter you can be on the range, rather its goal is to help you quickly develop fundamental skills that you can apply in a worst case scenario defensive shooting situation.
IDS is based on years of constantly evolving information about how the body works and what really happens during Dynamic Critical Incidents and has been heavily influenced by the diverse group of instructors that are certified to teach it and the thousands of students who have been through courses all around the world. The program features a variety of specialty drills and training methods that the student will be able to utilize in
their own practice after the course in order to continue to develop their abilities. This course is two full days of training, teaching, and practice. You are encouraged to bring a notebook and a pen. The course will cover the following topics:
• Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
• Combat Accuracy
• High Compressed Ready position
• Lateral Motion – Net Survival Positive
• Presentation from the Holster (Reactive Vs Proactive)
• Assessment – Physical & Cognitive Skill
• The Balance of Speed & Precision
• Critical Incident Reload
• Volume of Fire
• Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
• Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident.
• One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting
• Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing
• Simulation Drills
• Shooting in Motion (When, How & Why)

Intuitive Defensive Carbine
This Course is designed to expose students to an efficient method of defending themselves with a semi-automatic rifle during a dynamic critical incident. All of the principles and fundamentals of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting program are applied to the carbine and the following topics are covered:
• Four Points of Contact with a rifle and Intuitive Shooting Fundamentals
• Combat Accuracy
• Primary, secondary, and tertiary aiming methods
• The Balance of Speed & Precision
• Volume of Fire
• Critical Incident Reloads & Efficient Carbine Handling
• Transition to a Pistol
• Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
• Counter Ambush Response simulation drills
• Shooting while Standing, Squatting, Kneeling & Seated
• Transition to support side shooting
• Shooting around Cover & in Unorthodox Shooting Positions course of fire
• Fundamentals Carbine Malfunction Clearing

Course Information

Meet up at 8.30 at the range office. California Tactical Academy 6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru, CA 93040

  •  Cost for the 2 Day IDS course is $400.
  • Students will fire 400/600 Pistol and 400/600
    Carbine rounds during the 2 day course.
  • Bring kneepads.
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